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Professional looking auctions will increase your profits and turn browsers into bidders. Our simple, automated process makes it easy to have great looking auctions! Learn More.

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Auction Image Hosting

Integrated Image Hosting

Save time & money by using our fully integrated image hosting solution. Upload in bulk, directly to your auctions or organize in folders.

eBay HTML Auction Templates

eBay Auction Templates

Get outstanding sales with great looking auctions! Our system fully automates the HTML process for you. Stop losing sales to your eBay competition by adding a professional image to your online business.

eBay Listing Templates Made Easy

Our process is simple, but very powerful. We've combined our cutting-edge image hosting solution with an easy to use design platform to bring you the very best eBay templates available! Our three-step layout creation process was designed to dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend creating each auction you launch. We've even taken design automation to a whole new level with the introduction of selling profiles that allow you to store those details you find yourself recreating over and over. Our bulk image uploader and rapid organizer can save you time and money if you're used to uploading on eBay. And our gallery of available templates ensure you'll be amongst the most trusted sellers in your niche.

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What our members are saying...

"I had done tons of web searching on various companies that provided you with templates for your eBay listings, and chose BiggerBids for two reasons: Unlimited image storage and professional looking templates. A lot of sites out there would restrict your usage or images, and while they offered tons of templates, they were anything but professional and many were either way too flashy or way too dull. I could not be happier now that I've been using BiggerBids for a few months. The process of creating an auction is incredibly easy, as is customizing your settings. BiggerBids has succeeded in finding a happy medium in their auction templates and have created templates that are crisp, clean and classy. The biggest plus: When you have a problem, your customer service is quick to respond and easy to understand, and in my opinion is superior to just about anything else that's out there, including eBay. Thank you for providing this wonderful service. Our auctions look fantastic!"
- M. Bergeron, Gameroom Gallery