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Auction Templates & eBay HTML Layouts

eBay HTML Auction Templates BiggerBids.com is an industry leader in auction templates, specifically eBay HTML layouts. Our state of the art system couples top-notch design with incredible ease of use to deliver an unparalleled experience. The following features ensure you'll be launching professional auction layouts that your customers will come back to time and time again:

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  • Simple, Fully Automated Process
    1. Enter auction details. Fill in the details that change with every auction (item title, description, etc).
    2. Upload your images. Unlimited image uploads to each auction.
    3. Choose your layout. Wrap any one of our industry-leading designs around your listing.
  • eBay-Friendly HTML All of the templates on our site are completely eBay friendly. Generating HTML for eBay auctions can be a tricky process and we take the guess work out of it for you. Our templates use purely inline CSS styling and absolutely no "active content."
  • Template Settings Template settings are designed to reduce the amount of typing you do for each auction you create. They allow you to store information that tends to remain the same from one auction to the next. Read below to learn more about all of the settings available in your account. Each piece of information that can be stored in your template settings is marked with an asterisk (*).
  • Image Uploads (Fully Integrated Image Hosting Platform) We have an amazing tool that allows you to upload or import images directly into your auction. You can even use one of our bulk upload features to add an unlimited number of pictures to your listing's layout. Learn more about our image hosting features »
  • Automated Thumbnails & Galleries We automatically thumbnail and organize each image you upload to your auctions. You can even write customized watermarks directly onto your images before (or after) they've been uploaded.
  • Template Choosing Tool Unlike many other auction template platforms, you are not required to choose your layout before you begin entering your auction information. You enter your information, upload your images and then choose your layout. This allows you to see your information in a wide variety of auction designs. Preview the template designs available in all of our accounts here.
  • Image Gallery Templates You can choose from any of our image gallery layouts for each auction you create.
  • HTML Text Editors We have included simple text formatting editors throughout multiple areas of your account. This allows you to easily add your own layout elements on top of our existing template designs.
  • Easy Auction Management All of the auctions you create are stored for any future use. You can always return to any auction to edit, delete or even clone it.
  • Selling Profiles We understand that many sellers have different profiles that are used for different types of products they sell. Our selling profiles allow you to store separate Template Settings for each profile. Once you're ready to create a new auction, you simply choose the profile it will be associated with and all of your information is pre-loaded. It couldn't be easier!
  • Custom Templates For larger volume sellers (and advanced users) we offer custom template storage. Most people use BiggerBids because of the amount of time it saves them for each auction they design. Therefore, we've provided a way for members to store their own, custom created auction templates right within their BiggerBids account. We have even partnered with design firms to help those sellers that want to take advantage of this unique feature without having to design anything themselves. Please be aware - custom templates are not necessary for typical BiggerBids users. We have a number of pre-designed templates that will meet your needs.

Free, 30-day, No Risk Trial
Try our Risk-Free 30-Day Trial

BiggerBids is not your typical auction template platform

Many auction template services offer only the most basic configurations for your layouts. Typically these include an auction title, auction description and shipping and payment details. They then wrap that information in very basic templates. BiggerBids offers you that same ease of use, but in a much more robust environment. You can enter as much, or as little information into your auction as you wish. Our advanced templates will automatically expand and contract to properly include only the pieces of information you need displayed. Each of our templates has placeholders for all of the following information:

  • Auction Title The first piece of information any potential bidder generally reads.
  • Auction Description Describe the details about the particular item you are selling.
  • Shipping Details * Include information about how you intend to ship this item and any policies or restrictions you want to communicate to your bidders.
  • Payment Details * Will you accept PayPal, cash, check, and money orders? This is the place to let your bidders know how they will need to pay you and when you expect payment.
  • Additional Information * This is a "catch all" section that allows you to enter information you feel your potential bidder may need to know about your item.
  • Upload Unlimited Images Each template generally highlights one main image (as decided by you) and an unlimited number of additional thumbnail images. Clicking any image from within your auction opens a gallery of your auction images and allows your bidders to see each image in its full size. You control the gallery image your customers interact with.
  • Auction Policies * Create and store up to 5 different auction policies to include in your item descriptions. There is no limitation on what you can do with these. Examples might include "Our feedback policy", "How we handle non-paying bidders", "Our refund policy", etc. These are set up in your Template Settings and automatically included in your layouts.
  • Business Logo * Upload a logo that will be automatically included in all of your designs.
  • Business Description * Tell your potential bidders all about your business.
  • eBay Links * Easily link to your feedback, other auctions, ME page and eBay store from within your layouts.
  • eBay Store Cross-Promotion * Save your eBay store URL, name and category list so that bidders can enter any section of your store directly from your auction layout.
  • * Denotes an item that can be saved in your Template Settings so that it does not need to be entered for each auction you create.

Free, 30-day, No Risk Trial
Try our Risk-Free 30-Day Trial