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BiggerBids Import Files

A BiggerBids import file is a single, ZIP formatted file that automatically integrates a custom auction template into a user account.

How do I use one?

  1. You need to have an active BiggerBids account.
  2. Under your Auction Layouts tab, click the Template Import Tool link.
  3. Provide your new template with a name, ensure the Is this flexible? box is set to No and choose your import file to upload.
  4. Click the Import New Template button to begin the import process.
  5. If your import file was properly formatted, it will be transformed into a custom-created auction template that is can be applied to your auctions.

Can anyone create a BiggerBids Import File?

Yes. This is an open platform that allows any designer to create an auction template and help their client easily integrate that template into the BiggerBids system. Designers can even feel free to create custom auction template designs and resell those designs in the BiggerBids Import Format.

Does BiggerBids sell these types of files?

Yes. We have a online store where we sell all sorts of Premium template designs. Each design comes with a BiggerBids Import File. You'll need expertise in HTML to work with these files.

What is the proper Import File format?

Please download our sample BiggerBids Import File. The structure of that ZIP file is the structure that should be used for all BiggerBids Import Files. Here are the key points:

  • The file should be a ZIP format (.zip extension).
  • The ZIP file should contain one parent folder, specifically named template.
  • Within the template folder, there should be a file named template.html and a folder named images.
  • The template.html file should follow the custom auction templates guidelines as a proper BiggerBids template.
  • All images & graphics that support the layout of the template should be placed within the images folder.
  • Include a preview.gif image in your images folder to import it as a thumbnail of the template for easier navigation when applying to auctions.
  • All references to images & graphics within the images folder should be done so relationally.
    • Ex. <div style="background:#fff url('images/auction-title-bg.gif') repeat-x;">{$AUCTION_TITLE}</div>

There are no limits on the number of Custom Templates or Import Files a user can have in their BiggerBids account. Therefore, we encourage you to test your creations extensively before attempting to sell with them. If you have any questions, please do no hesitate to contact a support representative.

Who's Selling BiggerBids Import Files?      Want to get listed here? Tell us.

  • Of course, BiggerBids offers a wide variety of "stock templates" which are available to all of our members within their account. But we also sell a number of premium templates in our retail storefront.