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Frequently Asked Questions

Account Details

  1. How do I cancel my account?
    You can cancel in one of two ways:
    1) You can login to your BiggerBids.com account and click on the View/Alter Subscription Details link under your My Account tab from the top of your page. You can then find the cancel section to continue.
    2) Or, you can log into your PayPal account and do an advanced search for transactions matching payments@biggerbids.com. This will allow you to locate your subscription. From there you can choose to cancel it.
  2. Does the free trial include all the same features as the paid membership?
    Yes, the trial account is identical to the paid account.
  3. I registered for a BiggerBids account, but I did not receive my confirmation code email. How do I get my confirmation code?
    Occasionally, an email host (such as AOL, Yahoo, etc) will flag our system generated confirmation emails as spam and not deliver them to you. Just send us an email to support[at]biggerbids[dot]com, and we will promptly reply with your confirmation code.
  4. How do I change the PayPal account used for my subscription to BiggerBids?
    You will need to first cancel this subscription and then recreate it with your new PayPal account info. Don't worry, you won't lose your BiggerBids account settings and photos when doing this. You're just creating a new PayPal subscription.
    To cancel, simply visit the Subscription Details link under your My Account tab within your BiggerBids account. Once you have cancelled, you will revisit that same page to create the account with your new PayPal account.
  5. What forms of payment do you accept?
    We currently accept payments via PayPal.
  6. How much does it cost?
    BiggerBids costs just $8.95 per month for unlimited use of our services (unlimited image hosting, template usage, and more).
  7. If I subscribe, can I unsubscribe at anytime or is there a contract?
    Subscriptions are monthly, and you can cancel your account at any time. Your subscription will remain active until the end of your paid month.

Auction Templates

  1. Can I delete an auction from my account after I launch it on an auction site?
    NO. Be very careful. Deleting an auction also deletes the pictures associated with that auction. If you delete an auction its pictures will no longer appear in your live online auction. Once your online auction is finished you can then safely delete an auction from your BiggerBids account.
  2. Can I use the BiggerBids templates on international sites?
    You certainly can! The BiggerBids system generates standard HTML for your layouts. Therefore, they can be used with nearly any online auction or classified listing site.
    However, there is one section that should not be used unless you are listing on the eBay US site...
    In your auction template settings section, you should choose not to show links to things like your other auctions, feedback and eBay ME page. The links that are generated there make the assumption that you are using eBay US.
  3. How do I create my first auction?
    1. Log Into Your Account: If you haven't done so already, log into your BiggerBids.com account.
    2. Establish Your Template Settings: From the top of your screen (hereafter know as "Main Navigation"), click the link that reads My Template Settings. Each auction you create will render according to the way you have established your template settings. Scroll through your template settings page and update each section with the applicable information.
    3. Create New Auction: Once your template settings have been established you can begin to create your first auction. From your Main Navigation, click the Create New Auction link. Here you will see only a few sections of details that you should fill in. The only required section is the title of the auction you are creating. Notice that your Shipping Details section contains the information you set up in your Template Settings. We provide this section to you again here because we understand that you may want to change minor portions of this section like shipping cost or carrier. Once you are done filling in the details of your auction click the Save & Continue button. NOTE: You can always go back to this auction any time to make changes.
    4. Add Pictures To Your Auction: Every auction can have an unlimited number of pictures that will be displayed within it. This page allows you to upload and manage the orientation and placement of those images. Once you have uploaded and configured each of the pictures for this auction, you can continue on to choose a template for your auction.
    5. Choose A Template For Your Auction: Each of our auction templates is professionally designed to "wrap itself around" the information you want displayed in your auction. From this page you can simply click any of the auction template thumbnails to see how it looks in that layout. Once you are satisfied with the template you've chosen you're ready to post it to your favorite auction site or service.
    6. Get The Code!: Each time you choose a new template you will see "Your Auction Details HTML Code." This code can be copied and pasted to your favorite auction site or service.
  4. What are "Template Settings"?
    Template Settings are selling details that tend to stay the same from one auction to the next. Your template settings help to drastically reduce the amount of time you spend creating each auction in your account. Every auction you create allows for shipping details, payment details and any additional information you want to communicate to your buyer. Rather than type the same information over and over, we suggest typing a general set of those details in your Template Settings and then slightly modifying them with each auction (if required).
  5. What is a "Selling Profile"?
    A selling profile is a collection of information that does not tend to change much from one auction to the next. Each auction must be assigned one selling profile. If your account only has one selling profile, it will be assigned to each auction by default.
  6. Why would you need multiple selling profiles?
    The best way to explain this is via an example. Let's pretend we are talking about a seller named Nancy who primarily sells in two main categories on eBay - "Crafts" and "Women's Clothing." Chances are that most of her Crafts auctions look a lot alike and that most of her Women's Clothing auctions look a lot alike as well. However, her Crafts auctions probably look much different from her Women's Clothing auctions.
    Nancy would be a prime candidate for using multiple selling profiles. She could establish one selling profile for her Crafts auctions and one for her Women's Clothing auctions. Then, as she begins to create a new auction, she can assign the proper profile to that layout. It is a major time saver that reduces her need to continuously revisit this Template Settings section.

Custom Templates

  1. Can I pay you to create a custom template for me?
    Please contact us at support[at]biggerbids[dot]com with details regarding your customization needs.
  2. Can I use a custom template with BiggerBids?
    Yes. You can upload an unlimited number of custom templates to BiggerBids using the Custom Template Tool from within the Auctions Layout menu. However, your custom template must meet specific requirements to work with our system.

eBay Help

  1. I have an eBay shop. How do I add shop navigation to my auctions?
    You can add this by going to the "Template Settings" section, and selecting the "eBay Settings" tab within your BiggerBids account.
    If you wish to revise live eBay auctions once you add store categories to your template settings, you need to use the eBay Revise feature (which you can find at the top of the auction when signed into your eBay account). Replace all of the existing HTML code in the eBay description section with the new HTML code that BiggerBids has generated for you.
  2. Does BiggerBids work with eBay's Turbo Lister?
    Yes. Copy and paste the HTML code generated by BiggerBids in the HTML View tab within the Description Builder.
  3. How can I revise a live eBay auction?
    You simply need to use the eBay Revise feature (which you can find at the top of the auction when signed into your eBay account). Replace all of the existing HTML code in the eBay description section with the new HTML code that BiggerBids has generated for you.

Images Help

  1. How do I use a background image in a template?
    To do this, you will need to manually add your own HTML to the HTML our system generates. In order to do this, you would need to add a surrounding DIV tag with your background image styled in. The opening tag would look like this:
    <DIV STYLE="background:url('http://www.sitename.com/image_path.jpg');">
    Then, you would add an ending tag at the very end of your listing code like this:
  2. How can I add an image to the item description?
    You would need to make use of the Auction Layout Images functionality under the Auctions Layout menu. You can upload images to the Auction Layout Images area and then add them to any WYSIWYG text editor within BiggerBids.
  3. How do I change image settings for my BiggerBids account?
    You can control your image settings by going to My Account and selecting Account Settings. Here you can change the size of images uploaded to BiggerBids.
  4. Can I upload a PDF to BiggerBids?
    No, you can only host the JPG, PNG, and GIF image formats on BiggerBids.
  5. Can I upload multiple images at once?
    Yes. You can use the Bulk Upload Tool in the Upload Images section.
  6. Can I add a watermark to my images?
    Yes. You can create an image watermark using the watermark tool found under the Image Hosting menu. Once you create a watermark, you can apply the watermark to your images during the image upload process.
  7. Is image hosting unlimited?
    Yes. As a member, you can upload an unlimited number of images to your account at no additional cost.

Managing Folders

  1. How do I create a new auction folder?
    You can create a new folder for auctions within your Manage Auctions page.
    Simply check the boxes next to the auctions you want to place in your new folder and scroll to the bottom of the screen.
    Choose to move the selected auctions to a new folder and type the name of the new folder in the box provided.
    Then click the Move button. Your new folder will be saved and those auctions you selected will be moved into it.
  2. How do I rename an existing auction folder?
    You can do this from your Manage Auctions page.
    Select the folder you want to rename at the top of the auction list and click the Go button. Then you will see a link at the top of the auctions list that allows you to rename that folder.

YouTube Help

  1. How do I add a YouTube video to my listing?
    eBay has specific formatting rules for incorporating videos into a listing. To add a YouTube video, find the YouTube video you want to embed from the YouTube.com site.
    Click the Share button below the video, then click the Embed button. eBay does not allow IFRAMEs in your listings, so you'll need to check the box to use the old embed code.
    Then copy the code provided.
    Click the filmstrip icon (to embed media) within the BiggerBids WYSIWYG editor and select the Source tab from the top of the popup box.
    Paste in the code you copied from YouTube and click the Insert button at the bottom of the popup box and it will display properly within your final auction layout.


  1. What does WYSIWYG mean?
    WYSIWYG is an acronym for What You See Is What You Get. BiggerBids employs WYSIWYG text editors throughout our site allowing you to format your auction input.
  2. Can I cut and paste into the WYSIWYG text editors?
    It is not recommended, especially heavily formatted text. By doing so, you are likely to encounter unattractive formatting and unwanted spacing. We recommend that you do the formatting within the WYSIWYG text editors.