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Custom Auction Templates

Although each BiggerBids account is fully equipped with a set of pre-designed auction templates, many sellers need either customizations of these templates or entirely custom created templates. BiggerBids allows you to store your own custom designs so that you can hold your own personal auction identity while using the simple automation that the BiggerBids system offers.

What's a custom auction template?

A custom auction template is a way to further customize your BiggerBids account. Although we have a number of "stock" templates that you can assign to each auction you create, we also offer a way for you (or your graphic designer) to create and store your own unique, customized designs.

How does it work?

Properly creating custom auction templates should be left up to the experienced web designer. Our templates consist of both HTML code and simple Smarty logic. Smarty is a template engine that allows you to mix HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, and a bit of logic to properly render and manipulate a set of predefined variables. The BiggerBids system automatically generates those variables for each auction layout you create. By properly constructing your custom auction template you can display that information (e.g. those variables) in any way you like.

You can store and manage an unlimited number of custom auction templates within your BiggerBids account. Simply click the My Templates section in your account navigation to get started.

Custom auction template resources...

Preferred Template Designers
Want a custom template for your auctions, but you're not sure how or where to start? Try one of our preferred template designers. Although we do not have an affiliation with these designers, we have verified that they have the skill set to properly design templates for the BiggerBids system.

Custom Template Variable List
This document outlines all of the information that is available to auction template designers. Whether you're just beginning or an advanced designer, this is the one document that is of the utmost importance to getting your designs to render properly.

Designer Guidelines & Best Practices
This is a description of how to build the most flexible template for use by the widest array of BiggerBids users.

Typical Auction Template Wireframes
This provides designers with a set of wireframe layouts that are most popular for our sellers. Your templates do not have to follow one of these wireframes, but they may provide a bit of inspiration for the novice auction template designer..

Smarty Documentation
We provide you, the designer, with the variables that are available for your template designs, but the Smarty template engine provides the wide array of way that you can easily manipulate that information into top-notch designs.